What tests are required for US college admissions (students based in the US)?

Scores from the SAT I (Scholastic Aptitude Test) or the ACT (American College Test) may be required for college admissions. All universities accept both exams, so the preference is up to the student. 

It is recommended that students begin (online self-paced, private, group, or self-study) tutorials before making any attempt to take the exam.

Additional test may be required for international students. Contact the admissions office or review the website to determine if any further testing is needed.

Is the SAT Subject Test required? 

It is recommended that students review the admissions website of each university that they may be applying to determine if the SAT Subject Test is recommended or required. The university may not require the SAT Subject Test, but we still recommend taking it, especially when applying to any of the highly competitive universities in the US.

The SAT Subject Test allows students to demonstrate their mastery over a particular subject in the areas of math, science, history, English, and language. We recommend students take the SAT Subject Test after 3 consecutive years of taking a foreign language course or immediately after completing the course in school. The required preparation for the AP exam can help students prepare for the Subject Test too.

(Did you know that the College Board is the administers of both the AP exam and the SAT Subject Test?)

It is highly recommended that students who are interested in majoring in STEM (sciences, technology, math, engineering) add this exam to their schedule.  

Taking the SAT Subject Test is just one more way to help students stand out when admission officers are evaluating a student’s academic profile.

How do you register for these exams? 

SAT – College Board – www.sat.org – This website includes information on the SAT and SAT Subject Test (aka SAT II), registration dates, and how to submit your scores to a university.

ACTwww.act.org -This website includes information on the ACT, registration dates, and how to submit your scores to a university.

Here is the link to the 2018-2019 Exam Dates and an explanation of the differences between the ACT and SAT.

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