So you submitted your applications! Now what’s next?

Although it is no news that one of the highlights of your senior year is to complete your college application successfully, it also shouldn’t be news that your work doesn’t end there.

By now, it is expected that you should have completed and submitted your college applications. After you have done that, then what?

Here are a few tasks that you don’t want to overlook

1. Conclude Other Application Components:

Meet with your school counselor and confirm that your transcripts and any letters of recommendation have been submitted to every college you applied to.

2. Complete Financial Aid & Scholarship Applications:

The downtime after college applications is such a great time to focus on proactively meeting any gaps you may have in your financial aid. A great way to do this is to start applying for scholarships whose deadlines are approaching while you continue to search for more scholarship and grant opportunities.

Don’t forget to review the individual college’s admissions website to understand their application requirements and deadlines for scholarships and financial aid.  Also, be sure to compare your financial aid offers before making an admissions decision.

3. Acceptance:

For students that applied to colleges through early decision or early action, you should have  received a notification letter by now. For students, who applied in January or later, you should begin to receive admissions decision by mid-March/early April.  

When reviewing your admissions packages, ensure you completely understand the timetable and all deadlines.

4. Late Applications:

While some colleges have rolling admissions policies, some have no set deadline and applications may be submitted as late as July. However, it is still always better to apply as early possible because you will never know how competitive those remaining open seats will be.

5. Check For Notifications:

Check your email, text, voicemails, and mail daily for any updates after all applications have been submitted. Sometimes, admission reps may try to contact you to ask follow-up questions or may need clarification about something included in your application. Failure to respond to these inquiries could lead to your application being rejected.

Also, many colleges create application portals so that you can monitor your application status. Take a few minutes to login to make sure all parts of your application have been submitted.  

6. Make a Final Decision:

Once you been accepted, there will be need for you to make a final decision on whether to accept or reject admission from a particular school. When you have eventually made that decision, notify all schools of your intent by due date. If you find it difficult to decide on which offer to accept, start by making one more campus visit to the schools you’re considering and compare the financial aid offers. When you eventually make your decision, send your deposit to your chosen school and ask your school counselor to send your final transcript to the college before the deadline.

7. Appeals:

Every year, thousands of applications are rejected by colleges due to some or negligence on the part of the applicant. Although the chances of being considered are slim, if you are sure you have a chance to appeal, it is strongly advised to research the school’s admissions policies with the help of a paid college expert or your school guidance counselor before appealing the decision to ensure that you gave it our best shot.

8. Complete Your Enrollment paperwork for the College:

Once you accept an offer, you should receive information from the college about course scheduling, registration for classes, orientation sessions, housing arrangements, and other necessary forms. Ensure that all required paperwork is submitted.

9. Spring Open House:

Many colleges host open houses for newly accepted students in the Spring. This is a very good opportunity to learn more about the school directly from current students and also make friends before the school year even starts.

I hope you found these tips useful. Hit the share button and check out other posts.

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