How to Help Your High School Junior Prepare for College Admissions

US College Experts' College Admissions Strategist, Ayo Oseni, provides tips on how High School Juniors can prepare for college admissions. Tips were provided on a segment of #CollegeChat with Ashley Hill via Twitter. How to Help Your High School Junior Prepare for College with Ayo Oseni #collegechat #uscexperts

How to Help Your High School Junior Prepare for College with Ayo Oseni #collegechat #uscexperts

Twitter chat with US College Experts' College Admissions Strategist, Ayo Oseni and Ashley Hill of College Prep Ready.

  1. Get #collegeprep insider tips + strategies for high school juniors tonight at 9 E on #CollegeChat with @Ayo_USCExperts!
  2. #CollegeChat is a weekly college prep resource for parents, students, school counselors, and college prep professionals.
  3. @prepforcollege Thank you so much for having me. I am really excited to be here tonight! #collegechat
  4. @prepforcollege My name is Ayo Oseni. I am a College Admissions Strategist and the Founder of @USCExperts. #collegechat
  5. Q1: When should high school juniors start preparing for college? #collegechat
  6. @prepforcollege A1: The summer prior to their junior year or at the latest -- by the end of September of their junior year. #collegechat
  7. A1: This is the time to review testing requirements for each school, research majors, and visit colleges of interest. #collegechat
  8. A1: If you find yourself past this point, connect with your school/guidance/college counselor and parent(s) immediately. #collegechat
  9. Q2: When should high school juniors start studying for ACT/SAT? #collegechat
  10. A2: It is ideal for juniors to use the summer to study for the ACT/SAT to prepare for the fall ACT and/or PSAT. #collegechat
  11. @prepforcollege A2: Many students use the fall term to study and then take the ACT/SAT in the spring. #collegechat
  12. @prepforcollege A2: It is best to be done with testing by the end of your junior year. #collegechat
  13. Q3: What are the top 3 college prep mistakes that high school juniors are making and the solution? #collegechat
  14. A3: Not taking the PSAT/ACT/SAT seriously – Have a testing plan! Try to complete your testing by the end of your junior year. #collegechat
  15. This is a huge mistake! PSAT can equal scholarships. High ACT/SAT can help with college admissions + scholarships! #collegechat  https://twitter.com/Ayo_USCExperts/status/831689852504645632 
  16. A3: Not selecting a rigorous class schedule for senior year – Colleges want to see that you are challenging yourself. #collegechat
  17. A3: Not getting to know your teachers and college counselor – It’s hard to write a recommendation letter for a stranger. #collegechat
  18. Q4: What should be included in the college admissions essay? #collegechat
  19. A4: Tell your story! Don’t try to write about a random topic just because you think it will impress the admissions reps. #collegechat
  20. A4: Make sure to answer the prompt and really reflect on the experience that you are trying to communicate. #collegechat
  21. A4: The essay is the only part of your application that reveals a student’s “voice”. #collegechat
  22. Q5: Why is it important for high school juniors to make campus visits? #collegechat
  23. A5: Visiting colleges helps students finalize their college list. #collegechat.
  24. A5: They can hear first-hand from the admissions reps on what the school is looking for in an applicant. #collegechat.
  25. A5: It is also an excellent opportunity to see where you will possibly live for the next 4 or more years. #collegechat.
  26. Q6: How can high school juniors balance school with after school activities? #collegechat
  27. A6: Set clear expectations from the start. Add activities that interest you or will expose you more to your potential major. #collegechat
  28. A6: Don’t just overload your schedule. Colleges are looking for quality and not quantity when it comes to your commitments. #collegechat
  29. A6: Most importantly, remember your education should be your TOP priority. #collegechat
  30. A6: It is ok to reassess your commitments if you find that your school work begins to suffer or you start to feel overwhelmed. #collegechat
  31. Q7: How do you advise high school juniors to select a major? #collegechat
  32. A7: When selecting a major, consider your strengths, talents, interests, and passions. #collegechat
  33. A7: Think about your career aspirations and then work backwards. You must understand the type of degrees(s) you will need. #collegechat
  34. A7: Look at the classes/activities you love and research if there is a major or career path that can be taken. #collegechat
  35. A7: Take advantage of any shadowing and internship opportunities that may present themselves #collegechat
  36. Q8: How can high school juniors research college costs? #collegechat
  37. A8: A great tool is the Net Price Calculator (NPC). Families can obtain an estimate of what it would cost to attend a college. #collegechat.
  38. A8: Each college should have a NPC on their website. You can also visit  https://collegecost.ed.gov/netpricecenter.aspx  and search for the school. #collegechat.
  39. A8: College Navigator @nces is also a great resource to find the NPC. It can also be use for general college searches. #collegechat.
  40. Q9: How do you assist students and families through the college admissions process? #collegechat
  41. A9: Our goal is to partner with families through the college admissions process.  http://www.uscexperts.com  #collegechat
  42. A9. Some of our services are 1-on-1 and group coaching, essay coaching services, and college tours.  http://uscexpert.com  #collegechat
  43. A9. We offer a 20 min intro call to discuss your concerns and how we can help.  http://uscexperts.setmore.com  #collegechat
  44. We will be offering a college admissions boot camp and college tour this summer. For details visit  http://www.uscexperts.com  #collegechat
  45. Q10: Do you have any final tips for parents of high school juniors? #collegechat
  46. A10: The college admissions process will prove to be one of the most exciting and rewarding times in one's life. #collegechat
  47. Thank you to everyone for joining us tonight! Thank you to our guest @Ayo_USCExperts! Follow her to get more tips, etc. #collegechat

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