The SAT and the ACT are standardized tests that help colleges and universities determine how prepared students are, to take college-level courses. For many students, Standardized testing can be extremely daunting!  Follow these tips to reduce your stress and help you do best on your tests.

1.         Three Times is Enough

Plan to take the SAT or ACT no more than three times each. It is advisable to have completed all your testing by the end of your junior year if you plan to apply early action/decision. If you are applying regular decision, then you should be done by the fall of your senior year at the absolute latest.

2.         Try both the SAT and ACT

Take a diagnostic test to see which test you prefer. Want to take a diagnostic test? Click here to sign up for our free online version. 

3.         Start to Study Immediately

Take advantage of test prep tutors, courses, and books. Avoid cramming at all cost!

Don’t waste one of your tries on the test before you’ve even cracked open your test prep book.  Know what to expect on the test and be familiar with the format.

Practice test taking strategies. Practice your weaknesses. Don’t waste time practicing your strengths.

4.         Pick One Test and Stick to It

Take a diagnostic test to find which test – ACT or SAT – would be best for you.

Once you know which exam you find more manageable, put all your energy into it.

5.         Know which other standardized tests you have to take.

Do you have to take SAT subject tests to be admitted to your school of choice? Be sure to review the college’s admissions website to determine which test is required or recommended.

6.         Treat the SAT/ACT for what it is….a small piece of the picture.

Colleges use a holistic admissions process. They evaluate all parts of your application, including your test results.

For more information on each test and available online test prep, check out the links below.




Test Optional & Test Flexible School –

Free Test Prep



USCE Free Diagnostic Test:

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