What are the hidden costs for college?

Incremental increases in college tuition tends to get a lots of headlines, but tuition is just one of the expenses that students and parents need to pay attention to, in order to understand the true cost of higher education. So as a student heading off for college, or...

What should 11th graders be doing now?

What is the next thing after senior year? Did I hear you say College? Your response is as good as mine. Each year, thousands of high school seniors seek admission into colleges, and while some make it into the college of their choice, others settle for less or don’t...

Can A College Revoke My Acceptance Decision?

You have studied hard, written a compelling essay, as well as dedicated massive amount of time  to your extracurricular activities. It finally pays off and you receive an acceptance letter from the college of your dreams! So now you are thinking, it’s probably...

What should 12th graders be doing now?

So you submitted your applications! Now what’s next? Although it is no news that one of the highlights of your senior year is to complete your college application successfully, it also shouldn’t be news that your work doesn’t end there. By now, it is expected that you...

Video – How to Win More Scholarships & Avoid Student Loans

Does thinking about paying for college cause your heart to race and make your palms sweat? Not sure where to start when looking for #scholarships. Then make sure you to watch this video! Here is Scholarship Search Strategist, Ashley Hill sharing some amazing advice...

What Test Are Required For College Admissions?

What tests are required for US college admissions (students based in the US)? Scores from the SAT I (Scholastic Aptitude Test) or the ACT (American College Test) may be required for college admissions. All universities take both exams. We recommend beginning (online...

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