As part of your college application, you will have the opportunity to share with admissions representatives the different areas where you have invested your time outside of the classroom. The way that applicants can share this information is in the form of an activities list or resume.

Here are 3 tips that we believe you should consider when creating your activities list.

1. Write down all your activities  

Don’t wait until senior year to create your activities list. It is best to write the information down as they occur, and you can recall all the details. We recommend updating your activities list at least once a quarter. 

Be sure to include things like:

a) The full name of the organization. The reader may not know that FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America or BSA stands for the Black Student Association.

b) List the description of the activity and its focus.

c) Don’t forget to include other groups or organizations you belong to outside of school.

d) Got a job? List that too!

e) Occasional activities like annual food drives and fundraisers should be added to your list.

2. Include the details

Be sure to include the following information on your activity list:

a) The grade level(s) when you participated in the listed activities.

b) How many hours per week, you participated in the activity. Don’t be stingy on your hours; give yourself credit for all the hours you worked.

c) How many weeks per year that you participated.

d) List any leadership role you may have held. This is your chance to show your growing level of involvement, especially if you moved from participant to team leader, or held an office.

3. Prioritize!

Keep in mind that when completing your college application, you may be limited to how many activities can be listed. For example, the Common Application only has room to list 10 activities, and the Coalition Application has space for 8. If you end up having more activities than the application allows, we recommend giving priority to the following items:

a) Activities that you were the most involved, held a leadership role, received honors, awards, or placed at any competition should be listed first.

b) Activities that show your interest in your potential major should also be given priority.

Are you bummed that you can’t list more activities? Some colleges offer applicants the option of uploading a resume, which gives you the ability to share more!  

Are you ready to start working on your activities list? Check out our free Resume Template and Brag Sheet for guidance.

Not sure what activities to participate in while in high school? Involved in too many activities, but would like to narrow your focus?  Contact US College Experts today so that we can work with you in selecting the best activities to help you stand out against a sea of applicants. 

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